"Wanted to let you know that my driveway has held up beyond expectations during the last heavy snow/ice/rain storms. No water on the driveway at all; it has poured down the bank into the drainage areas, into the basin, underneath the driveway and out into the pond incredibly well. I could not be any happier and I am grateful to your fine organization for doing the job so well."

Prudence Shepard - Residential Client

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We offer a variety of residential paving services. Below you will find basic pricing information as well as answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). If you do not see what you need, please Contact Us.

Installation of new pavement

  • Based on $2.30 per square foot, new driveway price (see our calculator.)
  • Does not include preparation of sub grade.
  • Price does include finishing and placement of 2.5 inches of compacted class two asphalt.

Removal of existing driveway and replacement

  • Prices at $4.10 per square foot (see our calculator.)
  • Removal and replacement includes removal of existing base 9 inches below finished grade.
  • Furnish and place 6 inches of 1 1/4 process, fine grading and compaction and placement of class two asphalt.

Additional Services
Oil and stone

  • This process goes over an existing driveway.
  • Prices at $1.25 cents per square foot (see our calculator.)
  • Liquid Asphalt is applied to a paved surface, one coat of 3/8 stone is applied to the liquid asphalt and compacted.
  • Colors of stone choices are grey or earth toned.

As your residential, commercial and municipal paving resource, Advanced Aspahlt Recycling, LLC is happy to answer any of your questions or concerns. If you don't find the answer to your query here, please feel free to Contact Us today. We're here to help!

Q:How long does it takes to pave a driveway?
A: It takes one work day to prepare the base for the application of pavement (base can be driven on immediately following the grading). Paving of the driveway will be scheduled on another day according to three variables: 1) conditions of base–wet or hard? 2) forecast (dry conditions best and over 40 degrees), 3) homeowners schedule.

Q: How long will I need to stay off the newly paved driveway?
A: We recommend suspending the use of your driveway for two days once the final application of asphalt has been applied. However, if the new pavement surface reaches 130 degrees during the first day of its completion, it is very important to remember that the pavement surface becomes pliable and turning of wheels without vehicle moving should be prohibited because the result of these markings can be a cosmetic concern to homeowners.

Q: How much will it cost to pave my driveway?
A: See our Calculator.

Q: Does your company have liability and workman's comp?
A: We maintain a level of insurance required to sustain the Connecticut Department of Transportation. Certification of insurance is gladly provided upon request.

Q: Can the customer delay the placement of oil and stone if desired?
A: Yes, oil and stone can be applied to a paved surface at any time, however, preparation of the existing surface would need to be evaluated at the time of oil and stone application.

Q: Do you accept credit card payment?
A: Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Q: Is the work guaranteed?
A: Workmanship and materials are guaranteed for one year. Details of our guarantee are available upon request.



Specific quantities and conditions may affect per square foot prices noted above





Using Natural Stone


Using Natural Stone


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Using Blue Stone