View photos of the Metcalf team paving a commercial parking lot from start to finish

Advanced Asphalt Recycling, LLC and the owner's representative work to explore all opportunities of the proposed project in order to reduce the impact of activity on the business and/or facility. We offer the convenience of recycling your existing pavement, as well as the laying down of fresh pavement. With Advanced Asphalt Recycling, LLC as your one-stop resource, this method is cost-effective and convenient.

Our milling machines reduce the amount of time of inconvenience to your business from the replacement of the existing surface, to the transition of the new surface and it also promotes the recycling opportunity of the materials.

All work is performed by highly trained personnel, with state of the art equipment that meets and exceeds state of Connecticut State Highway specifications, which enables efficient scheduling of phase development.

We have a long list of corporate clients fully satisfied with the outcome and integrity of the workmanship provided. References gladly provided upon request.